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The focus of "DTC" LLC is to meet the demand of Ukraine’s power industry in rolled steel products and equipment. Having a wide range of products in stock allows us to swiftly adapt to the needs of customers.

Product Standard Steel grade Size, mm
Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes GOST 8732-78 10–60, 09G2S; 10HSND; 20-40X; 40HN; 12HN3А; 38H2MYuА, 30HGSА, etc. Ø 32-550х3,5-70
Seamless steel tubes cold deformed GOST 8734-75 10–20, etc. Ø 5-250х0,3-24
Seamless steel tubes for petroleum processing and petrochemical industry GOST 550-75 10–20; 10G2; 15H5M, etc. Ø 76-530х4-70
Seamless hot-deformed/ cold-deformed tubes for boiler installations and piping TU 14-2-190-82, 14-3-460-75, 14-3Р-55-2001 10–20; 15GS; 12H1MF, 15HM, 15H1M1F, 12H2MFSR, 12H18N12T, 12H11V2MF, etc. Ø 16-530х4-70
Seamless hot-deformed tubes made of corrosion-resistant steel GOST 9940-80 12(08)H18N10T, etc. Ø 57-630х4-40
Seamless cold-deformed tubes of corrosion-resistant steel. GOST 9941-81, GOST 1927, GOST 10498, GOST 14162 12(08)H18N10T, etc. Ø 0,7-120х0,12-10
Square steel tubes GOST 8639-82, GOST 8645-68, etc. St3, 20, etc. Of 10х10х1 to 500х500х22 to 600x200x22
Sheet rolled stainless steel, low-alloy, heat-resistant, etc. 20–45; 10HSND; 30HGSА; 15HM; 09G2S; 12H1MF, 12H18N10T, 20H23N18, 10H17N13M2T, etc. 0,5-160,00
Round steel bars corrosion-resistant, hot-rolled, gauged GOST 2590-88, GOST 4543-71, GOST 7417-75 12(08)H18N10T; 06HN28MDT; 20H13; 12H1MF Ø 8-320

"DTC" LLC in cooperation with European manufacturers can offer you the supply of assembly units, blocks, disparate parts for boilers, pipelines, process equipment for chemical industries, as well as pipe fittings, namely:

  1. Heating surfaces: screens, steam superheaters, economizers – OST 108.030.40-79, СТО ЦКТИ 10.002-2007;
  2. Heat exchangers, including low-pressure preheaters, high pressure spiral preheaters, oil coolers, fuel oil heaters, network water heaters - OST 108.030.40–79, PB 03-384-00, PB 10-115-96, GOST 15199–79; GOST 15122-79, etc.; specialized heat exchangers for chemical production - TU 26-02series, etc.
  3. Steampipes for boilers and steam turbines, including bent branches, sharp bends, cross-connections, tee pipes – certified under OST 24.125.60-85, OST 108.030.129, the range of products is consistent with the standards OST 24 and OST 108. 
  4. Welded and cast isolation and control valves (gate valves, pipeline gates, valves) for use in industrial and power engineering, aggressive mediums – certified under the GOST and corresponding standards, as well as the technical standards of Ukraine.

These products are supplied for the boilers produced by Barnaul, Biysk, Monastyrishchensky engineering plants, PLC boiler plant "Energomash" (Belgorod), "Krasny Kotelschik" Pfd. (Taganrog), of the following types:

  • BKZ, GM, Е, T, TP, DKVR, B series steam boilers of any capacity and modification.
  • KV (KVGM, TGM, TG), PTVM series water heating boilers.
  • GTKU, KU, KUN, KUF, OU, OKG series waste heat boilers of any capacity and modification.

For the convenience of ordering our company has created a warehouse program for the availability of the entire range of pipe products (ТU 14-3-460-2009, GOST 9940(41)–81, steel grade 20, 12H1MF, 15H1M1F, 15GS, 12(08)H18N10T-12T, etc. Ø10 – 426mm.) and rolled metal products (flat steel and round bars – steel grade 20, 12H1MF, 12(08)H18N10T) that allows us to perform orders on short notice.

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